Service: Accurist Marin Graf / ETA 2452

IMG_7849Mitka saw this watch on eBay, and as he knows that I quite like Accurist watches, he pointed it out to me. The seller claimed that these watches were never sold, as the screw-down crown violated the Rolex patent at the time, so the watches were destroyed. A nice story, but I couldn’t find out if that was true or not. I’ve written to Accurist, but haven’t gotten a reply so far. Continue reading

Repair + Service: LeCoultre FutureMatic calibre 817

IMG_7319Ethan from Shanghai sent in this LeCoultre Futurematic. If you are a regular reader, you have seen one of these before on this blog.

The LeCoultre calibre 817 is one of the weirdest movements around. The auto winder and power reserve construction are over-engineered and also not very durable. LeCoultre used a non-automatic hooked mainspring, so in order not to break the mainspring, the winding weight is held to the side with a hook to prevent overwinding. Once the watch winds down a bit, the hook releases the winding weight again… Continue reading

Watch #1000: a little surprise / Omega Seamaster 600 136.011 / calibre 601

IMG_3852Mitka and I were keeping an eye on our internal job numbers, as job #1000 was getting closer and closer… We wanted to mark the occasion somehow, and decided to carry out the work on the watch in question free of charge, and throw in the parts and shipping as well.
So, when the postman brought in a new batch of watches on the 21st of October, we took them in the order we got them handed over, and Gerry was the lucky winner. Continue reading