Service: Stowa Convertible / Durowe 450

IMG_1919For a good decade, my father had decided that wrist watches weren’t for him, and he took off his Rado, and decided that he wanted something that he could have in his pocket. A traditional pocket watch wasn’t his thing, so he went for a Stowa Convertible. As the Stowa factory at that time was only 20 miles from where we lived, his local jeweller, where he bought the watch, would have stocked their watches.

The name “Stowa” is very much a child of its time, the 1920s. German manufacturers loved to name their companies after them, but didn’t want to be too blunt. So Walter Storz, the founder of Stowa, took the first two letters of this surname, and the first three of his first name, and that was it. Other examples of this are “Haribo” (Hans Riegel, Bonn) or Adidas (Adi Dassler). Continue reading

Unsung heroes – the Seiko 7016-8001 calibre 7016A

IMG_1086What do you look for in a chronograph watch? For me, size is a big issue, as I have a tiny wrist. On top of that, I like a date on my watch, and of course an hour recorder. Also, I like automatic watches, and a fly-back might be nice … With all those requirements, I’m moving swiftly into the £5,000 range of chronographs. Few will have those functions (Zenith 400Z, …), and the size requirement is out of the door.

Enter left the Seiko 7016-nnnn series. They come in many case shapes and sizes (Monaco style square cases, etc.), but for me, it’s the 7016-800n that appeals to me. Lovely dial, and 37mm width including the crown (which is sunken). Continue reading

Cirrus / Richard Parkin 1975 – 2015

One of our oldest clients, and probably the most prolific contributor to this blog, died last month from a heart attack at his home. We shared lots of emails and Google+ exchanges about anything technical, and of course all sorts of watch related topics.

His sharp and inquisitive mind will be sadly missed by us, and I am sure also by our readers.

Rest in peace, Richard.

Service: EternaMatic Triple Date Chronograph / Valjoux 7751

IMG_0658Steve sent in his EternaMatic Triple Date for a service. This watch has quite a few complications:

  • day
  • date
  • month
  • moon phase
  • 3 register chronograph
  • automatic
  • 24 hour hand
  • sub-second hand
  • hacking second
  • quick-set date
  • quick-set moon phase
  • quick set day

From the top: the top sub-dial shows the day of the week on the left, and the month on the right. A lot of triple dates require you to manually forward the month, but this one does it automatically on every 31st. If the month is shorter, you have to advance the date by hand. It also has a hand for the minute recorder of the chronograph.

The sub dial at 9 o’clock has a short hand showing a 24 hour display (just in case you can’t tell if it’s day or night) and a longer second hand.

The date is shown by a central date hand with a crescent shaped red end.

The sub dial at 6 o’clock shows the moon phase, and the hour recorder hand. A total of 8 hands!

Continue reading

Service: Accurist Marin Graf / ETA 2452

IMG_7849Mitka saw this watch on eBay, and as he knows that I quite like Accurist watches, he pointed it out to me. The seller claimed that these watches were never sold, as the screw-down crown violated the Rolex patent at the time, so the watches were destroyed. A nice story, but I couldn’t find out if that was true or not. I’ve written to Accurist, but haven’t gotten a reply so far. Continue reading