If you thought of buying a Patek Philippe…

8445136969_3da0338030_bAs the discussion about the free supply of spare parts to the market has flared up with Omega’s decision to cut off the supply as of 1/1/2016, let me show you where a completely non-existent supply of parts leads. Just if you contemplate buying an Omega in the future…

I got approached by Francis, who has a pretty beaten up Patek Philippe, and he wanted a quote, which I gave him. He mentioned that he had gotten a quote from PP, and I was of course interested! Continue reading

George & Cornelia DeFossard: The Solar Time Clock Project

20140609_102147As my regular readers know, I don’t really have a lot to do with the world of clocks, but sometimes, there have to be exceptions.

I went to see friendsĀ of mine at their workshop in Frome – George deFossard and his wife Cornelia make exceptional clocks, and he is responsible for the movements, whilst his wife designs and makes the cases and dials. So far, they have done some great pieces, but nothing of the magnitude that they are attempting this time around! Sorry, but the photo of the two of them was blurred, so you have to live with just seeing George… a bit of a shame as Cornelia looks a lot better than George, but then again, I’m a bloke ;-) Continue reading

Service: Omega Speedmaster 175.0043 calibre 1155 (Valjoux 7750)

IMG_0638Between the 861/1861 and the newer ETA/Dubois-Depraz movements, Omega used the ETA (Valjoux) 7750 for a while. This is the lowest end chronograph movement the Swiss watch industry has on offer, with a unidirectional winder and a click spring construction that is slightly dubious ;-) Nevertheless a popular movement, and you can find it in many Breitlings, TAGs, and other Swiss watches.

You can tell from the outside by the sub-dial configuration. The 7750 has the sub-dials at 6,9 and 12 o’clock. There are variations available where the sub-dials are in other configurations, but these modifications tend to be problematic. Continue reading