Hello everyone

I’m proud to announce that Christian has agreed to take me on as his new apprentice.

Thats me and my car:)

I am a Norwegian that has moved to the UK to learn about how to service and repair the world’s finest mechanics. I’ve had a growing interested in mechanical watches ever since I bought my first proper automatic watch (Certina DS with a turtleback case and the great cal.25-65) Continue reading

Service: Girard Perregaux Alarm / AS1475

IMG_7823This one is Andy’s from California, and in need of a service. The watch is probably from the 60s, when alarm watches were the big craze. I still have two alarm watches, and I find them useful even in the days of smartphones. It’s just so much cooler to have a watch go off than a phone!

What I like about it is the little opening at 6 o’clock for the alarm time, rather than having the usual hand indicating when the alarm will go off. Continue reading

Service: Vixa Legionnaire / Valjoux 7750

IMG_7171I haven’t had a Vixa in my workshop yet, and now is the time ;-)

Where exactly Vixa Uhrenfabrik is I don’t know, I’ve googled around, and found everything from an address in Italy to posts that the company doesn’t exist any more… all that doesn’t matter too much, as it has a bog-standard Valjoux 7750 inside.

Bob sent it in for a service. Continue reading

HowTo: Replace a balance staff

IMG_7865I normally don’t do this (e.g. just replacing a balance staff without fitting it into the movement), but Thom asked nicely, so I took on the job. If he would have lived in the UK, I would have invited him to do it himself in my workshop, but Sweden is a bit far …

I used to turn the old balance staff out on the lathe, but I never liked the process, as it’s so easy to get the graver into the balance…
Continue reading