Service: Omega Speedmaster 175.0043 calibre 1155 (Valjoux 7750)

IMG_0638Between the 861/1861 and the newer ETA/Dubois-Depraz movements, Omega used the ETA (Valjoux) 7750 for a while. This is the lowest end chronograph movement the Swiss watch industry has on offer, with a unidirectional winder and a click spring construction that is slightly dubious ;-) Nevertheless a popular movement, and you can find it in many Breitlings, TAGs, and other Swiss watches.

You can tell from the outside by the sub-dial configuration. The 7750 has the sub-dials at 6,9 and 12 o’clock. There are variations available where the sub-dials are in other configurations, but these modifications tend to be problematic. Continue reading

New Feature: Photo Library

What do you do when it’s 5 in the morning and you feel that you don’t need more sleep?

You go downstairs, grab a cup of tea, and code a little library function for the blog, of course!

I thought it would be useful to have access to photos of watches and watch movements by manufacturer, model and calibre, so I’ve put a script together that does exactly that.

Please be aware that only a small part of my photos is on-line, as I only started moving things into a database at the end of January 2014. So with time, this database will get a lot bigger!

Have a go at

Service: Zenith El Primero calibre 405

IMG_9568The Zenith 405 is a true flyback. Just to avoid confusion, let me explain what that means… Lots of people think just because the hands on their chronograph “fly back” when they re-set it, it’s a flyback. It’s not. The difference between a normal chronograph and a flyback is that you can press the reset button whilst the chronograph is running, and it will instantly re-set the chronograph hands to 0, and continue to run from there. Apparently a feature that was useful to WW2 pilots, and, even though probably not of much use to you and me, something sought after! Continue reading