Review: A trip inside the Swatch Sistem51 / ETA C10111

IMG_3318When Swatch announced the release of the Sistem51, I was of course very curious about what lurks inside! With these things, there is only one way to find out…

I went ahead and ordered one for £108, and it arrived from Switzerland 3 days later.

Now this watch isn’t usually opened, and there are of course no photos of the inside to be found anywhere, apart from the stuff Swatch releases. Time to change that … Continue reading

Service: Grand Seiko GS45 / calibre 4520A

IMG_2541This is my last post before going on holidays for the week, and Mitka has started on his first customer watch as well, which he will finish for me to check over when I get back. After 4 1/2 months, and dozens of his own watches serviced, he is ready to roll!

The first Grand Seiko in this workshop, and it belongs to Chris.

The dial has odd spots on it, but apart from that, the watch is looking good… Continue reading

No Email

I’m afraid Google has blocked our apps account due to some odd activity, and I haven’t re-gained access so far…

That means no email to for the time being. Call on +44 1453 808000 or send an email to

Service: Longines Ultra Chron 8309 calibre 431

IMG_1900At least the broadband connection at home works, so I can write a little blog entry about this watch. Tintin from Thailand sent it in, and it’s probably the best UltraChron I’ve seen in this workshop. It’s in almost mint condition…

I love the 431 movement. Fast beating at 36,000 b.p.h, and built with the usual Longines quality. Great design, and I would wear this watch very happily indeed. Continue reading