If you wish to contact us, please send an email to

For security reasons, we don’t publish our workshop address on this page (watches are worth quite a bit and I don’t want my workshop broken into if I can avoid it). Once we have established email contact, I will of course send you my full address details.

Please use to get a booking for a service or repair, as I can only accept limited amounts of work.

Also, please don’t ask me about the repair of replica watches. I have had all sorts of sob stories – the watch of the deceased brother, the well meant gift from the devoted daughter, various friends in odd situations, and none of them has weakened my resolve not to repair your fake. Please don’t insult your and my intelligence by asking with a sob story.

Whilst I’m moaning, please contact me by email with specific questions about your watch, rather than posting them here.

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  1. Dear Sir;
    I have purchased a blue faced Seiko Belmatic from a Canadian a year ago. He assured me that the watch ran great. It ran two days and died. I sent the watch to Seiko America in Mahwah New Jersey. they sent it back, saying that the watch had been repaired with parts that were not correct for that watch. I am told that you can possibly save my watch. I hope you can help me, I have run out of ideas…
    Thank you!

  2. Hi how much would a full service be it also might need new parts replacing on a Seiko Chronograph Flight Master With Date Window & A Rotating Bezel & 100m Water Resistant ? Thanks

  3. I have an omega constellation 168.029 caliber 751. The case and watch back are14 karat, the back is smooth gold it doesn’t have the constellation logo on it. It has the original 14 karat gold filled link band. Visibly the watch is in excellent condition it’s selfwinds and ticks. However the dial and hands need to be replaced. The plastic crystal has no scratches that are visible and the crown shows no wear. I would like to know what I need to do to get you to service the watch and an estimate on what it will cost.

    • Looks like the Constellation logo was polished out, or you have the wrong case back. You will have to go to Omega, as I don’t have neither dial, nor hands, nor the case back.

  4. I have a 1975 F300 Omega watch in excellent condition. The contacts have been cleaned professionally but it only works intermittently and when it does it invariably loses time. I’m keen to get it professionally repaired. Any ideas?

  5. Sorry I was not very clear, the part that came adrift was the half moon shaped piece in the back of the watch which turns when the wrist moves. I assume it is the mechanism for .automatic winding. unfortunately I have lost this part.

  6. Hi Christian
    I have a Poljot automatic deluxe which was bought in 1967 for my 21st b.d.
    It gave brilliant service for 35yrs, but being in the building trade had a very tough life. The auto winder inside came off so I removed it and used it with the outer winder, unfortunately I lost the piece I removed. Is there any chance you can clean and repair it for me please?
    Albert Welford

  7. Hi ive tried to email yourselves to see if you can help with a watch repair but when i send it over to you via . The mail system just sends it back due to your email settings?…Can you email me so i can reply back please.

      • Your workshop@ address forwards to a google group, and because of the dangers of groups reaching potentially large audiences, and google wanting to force people to use google for everything, small companies with perfectly legitimate (there are no ‘negative’ records in any well known spam checker on mail coming from our own system) domain names will not get through to you. Unless, they all use gmail. Nice. Here’s to the billionaire take-over.

        This is highly frustrating, after completing the checks google has suggested a sender look into… we’re clean by every spam check known; It’s your group settings. Your destination mail address is indeed not a very reliable one. (unless you think Google should rule the internet with arbitrary rules for everyone else)

        My mail even bounces back with “pass” in all of the criteria for passage according to godgle, but the domain is “not known” to you. Again nice, after spending the better part of an hour trying to simply contact you for a quote!

          • To be fair he did say “potentially” and he’s got a point about Google appointing themselves as the omnipotent overseer of the net. Think perhaps the lecture comment was uncalled for.

  8. Hi , I have a antique piece of Rolex Oysterdate Precision owned by my father which is older than me, its having some small complaints like its bracelet has to replace, and its dial is bit faded..
    since i cannot buy a new Rolex to him , i would like to restore it for him.
    It would be so great if u can help me.

  9. I found the ETA 1256 manual you uploaded to assist in my repair of a hamilton 672. Thank you. Who ever had it before me bent the stem, do you know the modern part number (which 401) is the right stem for this movement? Thanks for a great website.

  10. Hi Christian,

    wish to contact you to let you know that the parts for my seamaster (Job ID1664), are in their way to you, but your mailbox (workshop@….), just keeps rejecting my attempts to reach.
    Best regards.


  11. Christian,
    It’s rare these days that I find customer service that meets never mind exceeds my expectations. However you have renewed my faith.
    A great service at a great price with a great photo updates.
    Well done.

  12. Hey, I saw your review of the Swatch 51, to bad I already ordered it. It will go straight to storage.

    I like to collect watches of all kind, but really enjoy the “unconventional” brands.

    I’d really like to know what is your opinion on the Citizen Signature series (automatic) Specially on the Grand Touring NB0070-57E and Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

    Thank you

    • I can’t see a Citizen gaining value from the price you initially paid. Quartz watches have a limited lifetime, so I don’t think from an investment point of view, that this will work for you.

  13. Hi Christian , i love your web site, nothing better than taking a scruffy none working item and bringing it back to life.
    Im a lucky man i own a rolex 15200 which i bought when I was 40 in 1999 and if it was a car has done about 3000 miles inall that time and is still within 3 secs a day , and also a submariner 14060 which i bought 2nd hand last year just because i could and i love em both.
    sorry this is long winded, quite a while ago i came in from the pub and went on e bay hhaha ihere you laughing and bought a Giannii Sabatini divers watch for 15 quid, automatic with date do you know anything about these things. I took it on holiday to Spain to try and kill it inthe sea, the pool and the shower but it didnt budge and still keeps good time, I would appreciate your opinion many thanks Dave

      • I have one of these diver’s watches. It was a brand that I only ever saw sold on BidTV, the shopping channel. I believe I paid around £89 for mine.

        It is very solidly built, and heavy, and has 300M marked on its face. In keeping with its “Diver” credentials it has a screw-down crown, although I can’t be sure of its efficacy to go deep, as claimed. It is not a quartz watch but an automatic and keeps excellent time.

  14. Hi Christian,
    I have a 6 month old Raymond Weil Maestro with a Sellita SW200-1 movement. It runs about 10s/day slow. Quite consistent and looks good in all positions on the Timegrapher. I am handy with tools and I am tempted to pop the back and tweak the regulator screw myself. I’ve never opened a watch before and I’d wear a face mask so I don’t spit on the works. How far should I teak it (currently right on center)? Or should I adjust it in the Timegrapher?

    Thanks, Merry Christmas

    • Hmmm – your chances of damaging the case back and/or the hairspring are considerable. I’d practise this on a cheap watch off eBay first. You do adjust on the timegrapher. Also, you have to find the regulator and not adjust the beat error, etc. Also, how will you test if the watch is waterproof after you have opened it?

      My advise is to see a local watchmaker to adjust the watch for you.

      Merry Christmas

      • Thanks for your quick answer Christian. Is there an on-line directory of US watchmakers that are trustworthy &/or members of some professional society? I live in Boston. The retailer will probably just want to ship it to Raymond Weil in NY, and I’d rather have it done faster than that. Seems like a 10-minute operation for a pro.

  15. Hello Christian,

    I was wondering if I send you a watch that turns out to be in a state beyond any repair and the only way to know is after you open it, will there be any cost for that?

    Thank you for your response,


  16. Hello Christian I did read your wonderful restoration story about the super – Kontiki and maybe you could answer a question: I received a Super Kontiki with the tribal dial. The bezel is very run down and fixed only on a thread so you can screw it on and off – but not with a spring like on the submariner – is this the original fix? Many thanks for answer

    Tobias, Germany

  17. Reading your reply of 12th July (particularly the last bit) made up my mind that you are just the person I would like to service my watch. No wonder you are so busy I keep missing the days when your booking page is available. I’ll keep trying……..

  18. Guten Tag, sprechen sie auch Deutsch? Kann ich für meine Futurematic das Zahnrad und die Feder (Klammer) vom Gehäuseboden bekommen? Danke und Grüsse.

  19. I have a Rolex Oyster Date just gold with diamonds & sapphires. It has the president bracelet . It is approx 26 yrs old. I have always had it serviced by Rolex every 5 or 6 yrs. I snagged the bracelet and it has snapped where the watch joins the bracelet so need repair. It is with rolex now but i have not agreed to repair but they say it needs springbar 2 oscillating weight, glass, date disc as they say water has got in as glass is chipped on edge. They also have put on the estimate dial including hands and recommend new bracelet although only a recommendation. I do not want a new bracelet or dial and hands. Obviously because of cost.Can you give me some idea what your cost would be .I would want a service as well.

    • As it says above – “Whilst I’m moaning, please contact me by email with specific questions about your watch, rather than posting them here.”
      I am afraid that I won’t be able to get all those parts for you, as Rolex has a very restrictive parts policy. You will have to go through Rolex.

  20. The difference is that your over-priced Rolex is, at heart, an incredibly well made watch; if a watchmaker repairs or services it then – chances are – it will run for many after with no problems.

    With fakes the movements are – at best – an unknown quantity, and when something shears off or strips within a few days or weeks of servicing then the customer complains that the watchmaker buggered it up. For a watchmaker who offers and wants to stand by his warranty then this – quite possibly un-repairable – watch becomes a huge liability.

    Buy a decent watch from a company who actually exists and stands by their products and you will have a much easier life…

  21. wot a nobhead you are, if i over paid from rolex for a watch then thats ok, but some people can not afford thousands of pounds for the real thing but still need help to fix a copy and you wont even try to fix them wot a snob you are. a watch is awatch.

    • As Cirrus said, this has nothing to do with being a snob. Replica watches are very poorly made, and even those with acceptable movements are put together shoddily, so nothing fits.
      If I fix your watch, chances are that it will break again next week, and then you lumber me with a return that I can’t charge for.
      Never mind the legal side.
      Just for the next time you want to insult someone: it’s spelled “knobhead”; for the non-insulting words, they are “won’t”, “that’s” and “what”. As spelling improves, so will your salary, and you might be able to afford a nice watch one day.

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