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Here are some sites I find particularly useful.

Site Description
Mitka’s Watch Shop Mitka is selling off his collection – some beautiful watches to be had here!
Cyril Jennings Repair of Quartz & mechanical watches – a highly recommended colleague if we are busy and you want to try somebody else
Paul Wirdnam Repair of all electric and electronic watches – Accutron, Omega, etc.
Technical Sheets Huge amounts of technical sheets Cousins UK, supplier of lots of watch parts Jules Borel Parts Database
TenToTwo John’s blog – he specialises in Japanese watches, and has contributed to this blog in the past David Bill & Sons Dial Restoration Kronoswelt Dial Restoration ReplateIt Case replating

4 thoughts on “Useful Links

  1. Hi Christian,

    I recently had a job request declined, I know you guys are extremely busy at the minute. I really want to restore my grandfathers watch, can you recommend anyone who could repair a 1960s Tudor Oyster Perpetual?

  2. Hello,

    You’ve done a wonderful job posting services on these watches.

    I have a double question:
    1. I live in Canada and have been interested in watches for quite a while now. Unfortunately, the only watch/horlogerie school I’ve managed to find in North America seems to be in Quebec and takes two years in-class to complete. Though French wouldn’t be too big of an issue, I don’t have two years I can exclusively dedicate to classes nine hours away from my home. I’m wondering if you have any advice/tricks up your sleeve as to how I can properly learn the art of watchmaking without shaving my head and joining the french monastery for a couple years.
    2. part of my interest in watches stems from the fact that despite being right handed at most everything I’ve worn watches on my right wrist since I was little and have never managed to find a solid left-handed watch. I’m an active guy and find it uncomfortable diving, hang gliding, or biking with crowns and buttons digging into my lower forearm. I’ve heard interesting stories about Strella’s but haven’t found anything on the web in english that would lead me to believe they exist. Am I chasing Loch Ness? And/or can you recommend a good solid lefty watch?

    Thank you for your website and awesome documenting,


    • Hi Evan,

      Try starting off by taking some tuition with a local watchmaker. There is also the BHI distance learning course.

      Yes, there are watches with the crown on the left, for example the Buren 12 chronograph movements.

      Best regards,


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