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  1. Congratulations Christian!

    Being merely a feverish mad watch lover (zero knowledge towards watch repairing whatsoever), I still check out your site on a regular basis (although I seldom leave comments) just because the material that’s being published here is so interesting and educating. I most enjoy the Rolex repairing article simply because I’m a huge Rolex fan (especially vintage Oyster Perpetual models).

    I still remember being drawn to your blog the first time with your teardown of 6694 post (most memorable post I’ve read from your blog). To see a watch to go from a rugged state then finally a great looking nearly new shape is just amazing.

    I gotta share this with you Christian. So one day I brought my 16014 to a very famous watch repairer in Hong Kong and as he was testing my watch on that little number reading machine with blue screen (sorry I dunno the name of that thingy), I said the amplitude at 220 is kinda low. The watch repairer stared at me oddly and said wow my customers don’t usually say/know this stuff. I said yeah I learnt from a UK blog called watch guy. He said I read that blog all the time that dude is crazily good as a watch repairer. Interesting huh? : )

    Congratulations and well deserved for a great job done! Keep the posts coming!

  2. Boy, some of those blogs seem to be automated advertisements….Thanks for actually publishing something of value.

  3. We were just waiting for it to happen!

    Time (pun intended) will always tell who is the best … and you are!

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