A drop of oil …

IMG_7034Just to show what the right lubrication in the right place can do… I was looking at a client’s Omega Constellation this morning, as he wanted a quick assessment of the watch. He had a 14 day return option from the seller, and he wanted to make sure the watch was fundamentally fine.

So on to the timegrapher, and it looks terrible. All sorts of things could be wrong here, especially the hairspring…

So I put the watch under the microscope, and all looks well. The watch is just dried out. Just to give me some reassurance, I carefully oil the escape wheel with some Moebius 9415, and put it back on the timegrapher, without touching anything else.

IMG_7037Yes, this is the same movement, with dry balance jewels, and a fair amount of dirt in it.

What I want to show here is how important the right lubrication of the escape wheel is.


9 thoughts on “A drop of oil …

  1. Fantastic Blog Christian, sorry about your wife meical condition, hope she is pain free.
    If ever you need an apprentice, Im your man

  2. Yay – new content! It has been a long Christmas 😉

    Do you use this Epilame stuff when lubing up escape wheels and stones?

    • No, I don’t use Epilame unless specifically prescribed by the manufacturer. I just don’t like the idea of generally covering watch parts in some substance …. There normally isn’t too much of an issue of the oil spreading unless you use too much, anyway.

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