Almost there …

As most of you know, WatchGuy is moving workshop. We started re-furbishing our new premises in February, and are now very close to moving…

A photo from when we took over:



This was probably the most challenging time… a rotten floor beam had to be replaced, and the building was pretty much stripped to the core.

End of yesterday – still a building site, but you can almost smell the Moebius 9010 😉IMG_20160823_161723059

We will vacate our old premises tomorrow, and resume in the new workshop a week later, as we still have to finish the electrical installation. Very exciting times!

A very special thankyou goes out to my old school friend Johannes, who came over from Germany to supervise the build, and to do a lot of the work himself. Couldn’t have done it without you!

17 thoughts on “Almost there …

  1. Congratulations on the finished item .
    U should be very proud and looking good for the future.
    Also not the reference to the fridge to keep the oils or the beer in.
    Sorry but think it’s just for Mitka to keep his Vikingfjord cold.
    Enjoy it.

  2. Congratulations! I hadn’t been around here in a while! But having finally left university, I might be able to send more work your way again soon. Happy days all round!

  3. Congrats Christian and Mitka: this looks a very peaceful, bright and well organised working space!

    Can’t wait to book in some watches! 😉

    Kind regards,


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