An unusual request – Omega Chronostop 146.012 / calibre 920

IMG_7516Mark sent me an email with an unusual request a couple of weeks ago…  Mark was having a pint with a friend, who told him the story of a joint birthday celebration for a group of school friends in Las Vegas for their 50th birthday. A friend of his, who had attended the 40th celebration (also in Vegas), unfortunately couldn’t come along this time, as his daughter had been murdered, and he and his wife now had to bring up their little granddaughter, and had to cope with the funeral expenses on top of everything else they had to bear.

We at WatchGuy believe that once in a while, an act of kindness will go a long way, and we would like to support the effort of getting this man to Las Vegas for his 50th birthday. Mark’s friend donated a Chronostop that he had won at auction some time ago, and we have put the watch after inspection on eBay, so that it can be sold to help finance the trip.

The auction listing is at , and it would be great if our readers could help make the auction a success. We will add our bit and pay for the listing and auction fees, so that the full amount will go towards the trip. Happy bidding!

4 thoughts on “An unusual request – Omega Chronostop 146.012 / calibre 920

  1. Sometimes easing pratical issues is all we can do in a situation of mourning. Unfortunately the current bid is above my budget atm, so the only thing left to do seems to be wishing these (grand)parents strength…

  2. Dear Christian, Please accept heartfelt thanks from me and my lifelong friends in giving the watch a once over and helping sell it to raise funds for our dear friend. Unfortunately there is no way he will make the 50th celebrations as his life changed forever the night his only child was murdered. There is no way he will leave his wife for any celebration wherever it may take place. Any funds raise with the sale will go towards the wonderful headstone they got for her. Thanks so much, it will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Ouch. Reading that story did hurt. Still, good to see there are good people out there, and I hope the auction will be succesfull!


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