… and done!

img_20160913_102200057We finally moved into our new workshop last week, and everything is up and running! Very exciting stuff, with a lot of improvements…

The aim was to create a work environment that is as clean and dust-free as possible for our budget, and it looks like we have achieved that. In order to get there, we designed the new workshop in the following way:

  • separate room for all activities that create dirt or dust: cleaning machine, lathe, grinder, polishing, …
  • underfloor heating to avoid convection
  • heat-exchange ventilation with two filters
  • new double glazed windows, fitted airtight
  • white floor to show dirt and to make finding dropped parts easier

On top of that, we made some improvements, the biggest one being our new Greiner ACS900 cleaning machine. On top of the blown air at our benches, we now also have a vacuum pump to provide suction at the bench.


Our new Greiner ACS900 cleaning machine. Left of it the ultrasonic case cleaning machine, and the Poseidon waterproof tester.


The Bambi compressor provides 10 bars, enough for the waterproof tester, and behind it the vacuum pump.


A view across the workshop. The units in front store all our tools that aren’t at the bench.


My bench, with spare parts storage on the left, a DAB radio to listen to Radio 2 (and get on Mitka’s nerves), and the usual contraptions.


Mitka’s bench at the other side, with lots of space in between, which could provide room for 2 more benches if necessary.


The white box on top of the cabinet is a little fridge for our oils. In the rear corner is the autowinder.


The packing cabinet, which holds all packaging and labels. We unpack and pack your watches here.


Outside view from the back.

We are very happy with the outcome, and are confident that the sizeable investment we have made will be worthwhile.

36 thoughts on “… and done!

  1. It looks really good. Congratulations on the new workshop, it is very beautiful.
    I was born curious by nature … what has become of your Elma RM 90?
    Have you changed again to make the Swatch Group happy?
    I hope to get a lot of good work through your new workshop!

    • We upgraded the cleaning machine to get one with an ultrasonic element, and sold the old Elma. We are independent, so we only make our customers and ourselves happy 😉

  2. Looks great. At least a couple of steps on from the Shepard’s hut!

    If you have invested in a bigger spanner I still have a Longines Conquest that you couldn’t get the back off 😉

    • I opened an Eterna Kontiki the other day with a glued on nut and a 30cm adjustable spanner 😉
      Happy to give yours another go. Send me an email, and I’ll give you the new workshop address.

      Best regards,


  3. Looks fantastic, what a great working environment! Just a little tip from time spent working in clean-rooms – if you make sure you are pushing in more (filtered) air than you are removing then you create a slight positive pressure in the room and this prevents sucking in dusty air from under doors etc. Where there are any slight leaks in the room, a little clean air escapes outwards, rather than dirty air being drawn inwards. You can also get tacky floor mats for the entrance areas, to collect any loose dirt from the bottom of your shoes. Good luck with the new home and I wish you all the best for success in the future. And keep up the great work on a fascinating web site too!

  4. I love the setting. And I particularly like your comment “white floor to show dirt and to make finding dropped parts easier” 😉


  5. Ooh, I’d like one of those. I think you should stop repairing watches and start making workshops! Great to read that you have factored in future expansion 🙂

  6. Well planned and nicely laid out! Looks great!

    Fridge is too small so I’m guessing the bigger one is in the other room.

  7. Congratulations on the finished item .
    U should be very proud and looking good for the future.
    Also note the reference to the fridge to keep the oils or the beer in.
    Sorry but think it’s just for Mitka to keep his Vikingfjord cold.
    Enjoy it.

  8. Congratulations on creating a lovely workplace for yourselves.
    As someone who has just started out tinkering with the innards of watches, it’s reassuring to learn that even you guys still sometimes have to hunt for pieces on the floor!

  9. Wishing you the very best in your wonderful new premises. I looks absolutely superb and finished to a standard that we have come to expect from you. Mabrook and Well Wear.

  10. Very nice design and build. I notice you have windows on three sides, similar to where I work, good natural light but do you have air conditioning? Our workshop reached over 32 degrees most days in the last few weeks.

  11. Oh my goodness that is a fantastic work space. You’ve really outdone yourselves. I the the dust control solutions you’ve come up with are quite ingenious as well.

    “Fridge for the oils” will make Omega proud. ;o)

  12. Congratz!
    Sure is a solid step up from the old workshop.
    It holds great promise for new adventures into the world of horology!

  13. “A fridge for our oils”… Come on, we all know you use it for storing beer 😉

    What a loverly workshop you’ve made. Very, very clean and professional looking.

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