Lemania Triple Date – Guest Post

Once in a while a collector will stumble across an item that he would normally overlook, but just there, in the corner of the eye, something will tell him to take a closer look.

There are many places to go hunting for these “finds”, and one of the worst, but also most interesting due to the volume, is the murky waters of the electronic-bay.

Back in May of this year a really sad looking watch caught the corner of my eye. Having gone through the various “complication phases” in my collection hobby such as alarm watches and chronographs, I had started looking for calendar watches. Continue reading

Guest Post: Lemania 27/3000 – The “moon watch” caliber 321s lesser known cousins

Most people having a vague interest in vintage watches are aware of the Omega caliber 321. The (possibly) only caliber watch that has been worn on the moon.

Lemania 27 321 history1

What many fail to notice is that the caliber 321 actually shares a family history with a range of other movements as well.

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