Repair and service: 1st Moscow Watch Factory Sturmanskie (ШТУРМАНСКИЕ) calibre 2608.

IMG_6139Andrei has sent in his Soviet classic in the hope of getting it working again as it should. This model has a lot of history in the Russian air force and a modified model made it all the way into space with Juri Gargarin.

The watch is not running and has received a lot of action in both the hands of the owner and previous watchmakers so I knew this would be a challenge I was accepting.

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Service: Certina DS calibre 25-65

IMG_6044This watch has a special place in my collection. When I was 17 I bought this watch from an antics store and it is the first proper mechanical Swiss watch I owned. I wore this watch until it “suddenly” stopped 4years ago. I delivered it to a local watch store in Oslo just before setting off for the Danish school of Watchmaking, but he never got around to servicing it. I picked the watch up last time I was in Oslo and now it is time to get it running again.

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