Bah Humbug!



I went out to do the Christmas food shopping this morning, and, coming back, I find the workshop decorated with purple tinsel and a light-up reindeer… You can’t argue with taste!

As the end of the first year of this blog draws to an end, here are the stats: 181 posts, 753 comments, and 350 unique visitors per day. Not a bad start for a blog …

10 thoughts on “Bah Humbug!

  1. Hi – nice blog! Just inherited a 1957 Osyter Perpetual. The last service slip says that the “auto winding axle is broken – part obsolete”. Any thoughts?

  2. If only I had room for one just like it in my garden…

    The good thing is, should it start snowing, the reindeer will guide you across the right path to your workshop. ‘Cause surely you don’t want to keep your customers waiting in the new year? 😉

    • I don’t think the metal wheels would make it past the next house down the road. They are basically “planning permission wheels”, as this structure doesn’t need any planning approval. Not really roadworthy, I’m afraid.

      Inside, there is about 10 square metres, which is just about enough for my little workshop. Double glazed and insulated, it’s easy enough to heat, and a pretty clean environment for all my watch tools and equipment.

      I might put up a “guided tour” video in the new year!

  3. That’s the workshop from the outside?? Is it the Tardis, as it looks massive from the inside views on previous posts? 🙂
    Seriously, is that an off the shelf building, or a bespoke workshop designed and constructed by your fair hand? Is there no end to your talents!

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