11 thoughts on “Banned from watchuseek.com

  1. funny clip.

    WUS should stand for WHY U SUCK!!!!! and the reason? shitty moderators on power trips. moderators should just stay hell out of people’s conversations until people posts child porn on them.

  2. Christian – I had no idea they had banned you. I loved your disassembly threads. Hilarious video by the way. I’ll keep reading your blog.

  3. Ridiculous.

    I’m a mod on a different forums site and part of the t&c of that states that the website is not responsible for things outside of the site, even if it is linked from there.

    If you were banned for having fixed fake watches then that is plain stupid and if WUS doesn’t have a similar position regarding material not on WUS then that too, is stupid.

  4. I have no idea what just happened, but that was bloody funny. Guess that’s what I get for really only hitting the Seiko forum on WUS.

    Love the site Chris! Next time I need my Carrera Calibre 5 serviced, I’m going to ask you to do it. Your professionalism and attention to detail is splendid.

    • Usually when you observe forums growing from a small groups chat place to a bigger place with noticeable income from advertising, things tend to change. I have seen this transform with a couple of places… Too bad I found the place now, I think it would have been nicer place maybe 5+ years ago?

  5. Seems a bit precipitous… and pointless. They werent fake watches, just watches not made by the company written on the dial 😉

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