Business as Usual

Dear Customers,

Firstly, I hope you are all well, and that you are still able to earn a living in the current circumstances. If you are running into financial trouble and have a watch with us, please don’t worry – we can put that to the side until you feel that you are in safer financial waters.

As for the workshop, all three of us are working, our benches are over 2 metres apart, and we are all healthy at the moment, so work here will continue as usual as far as we can predict the future.

We wish all our customers and readers continued health and well-being.

Christian, Johannes and Ray

3 thoughts on “Business as Usual

  1. Christian, Johannes and Ray,
    Thanks for the note and glad to hear all of you are doing well! Just dropping a note to thank you for the great customer service you continue to offer. Stay healthy, safe and sane! Cheers!

  2. Good on you Christian and co.
    I’ve been eyeing your blog for updates since the submariner post.

    I am grateful to my customers sending me watches for work during this time. I have stressed that payment can be made later if that is helpful.

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