Service: Ingersoll Crown men’s watch

IMG_1262Whilst I am talking about Ingersoll watches, here is one of mine. I bought it off eBay for a fiver, as I thought I could do with an early wrist watch in my collection. Especially at that price 😉

This Ingersoll was made in Britain with a Swiss movement, and has nothing to do with the American Ingersoll watches – apart from the brand name that was sold on … Continue reading

Service: Roy Hancocks calibre ETA2892A2

IMG_8001Roy Hancocks of Birmingham is one of the few watchmakers in the UK that make their own watches, and, in this case, using an ETA2892A2 as the movement. I checked their web site, and they apparently don’t offer their own brand watches any more …

This one is in a 9k gold case, and it belongs to my father-in-law. A while ago, the auto winder stopped working, and now the watch has stopped altogether, even when hand-wound. Should have given me the watch a bit earlier, but I’m sure there won’t be any damage done. Continue reading

Service: Thomas Russell & Son pocket watch

This is another one of my friend Mick’s watches. Very early 20th century, and a central second pocket watch! It’s a keyless movement, and it even has a hacking second. 7 jewels will do the trick, as that covers the most important places where you want to see one.

It’s ticking, but barely, and it is in bad need of a service. Too much oil, and a very poor amplitude.

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