Repair + Service: Nomos Tangente / calibre Alpha

IMG_1513As you all know, I’ve wanted to get my hands on a Nomos Alpha movement for some time. I’ve done a couple of Nomos watches in the past, albeit with the Peseux 7001 movement. In 2005, Nomos started producing their own in-house movements, and, as you will soon see, they are gorgeous… just like the owner of the watch, Dagmar, who has been a friend of my family for decades. Continue reading

Service: Porsche P’6310 – ETA2892A2

IMG_0018This is Nik’s Porsche watch, and you can tell when it’s open that a car manufacturer was involved in making this – which I quite like. Porsche design just doesn’t rubberstamp a watch and sells it, but they create something that reflects their design ethos. Good on them.

Inside lurks the ETA 2892A2, and that’s a pretty good choice, as it’s the best ETA has to offer, and Omega uses this movement as well. Continue reading

Repair + Service: Nomos Tetra / Peseux 7001

IMG_0979This Nomos came all the way from Hong Kong, and it isn’t working any more. You can’t wind it. Let’s see what the problem is…

It’s pre-2005, so it has the Peseux 7001 movement. A simple, hand-wound movement, but as classic and simple as the watch design, so this is the right movement for this watch.

Nomos makes beautiful, Bauhaus design watches, and my first proper watch was a Nomos Tangente. Continue reading