Unsung heroes – the Seiko 7016-8001 calibre 7016A

IMG_1086What do you look for in a chronograph watch? For me, size is a big issue, as I have a tiny wrist. On top of that, I like a date on my watch, and of course an hour recorder. Also, I like automatic watches, and a fly-back might be nice … With all those requirements, I’m moving swiftly into the £5,000 range of chronographs. Few will have those functions (Zenith 400Z, …), and the size requirement is out of the door.

Enter left the Seiko 7016-nnnn series. They come in many case shapes and sizes (Monaco style square cases, etc.), but for me, it’s the 7016-800n that appeals to me. Lovely dial, and 37mm width including the crown (which is sunken). Continue reading

Service: Grand Seiko GS45 / calibre 4520A

IMG_2541This is my last post before going on holidays for the week, and Mitka has started on his first customer watch as well, which he will finish for me to check over when I get back. After 4 1/2 months, and dozens of his own watches serviced, he is ready to roll!

The first Grand Seiko in this workshop, and it belongs to Chris.

The dial has odd spots on it, but apart from that, the watch is looking good… Continue reading

Guest Post by John: Before and after: Citizen Promaster transformed to “Kingsday” watch (dutch content)

Before and after: Citizen Promaster

As you may know, (or may not know) we have in Holland since April 2013 a King. And he is visiting our little village in April to celebrate his birthday.
This inspired me to make a ‘kingsday watch’, with the colors of the Dutch flag (red, white and blue), and the orange ribbon, wich is showed only on
birthdays, birth or marriages of the royal family, and is a reference to the family name, wich is ‘Orange”
I gave the movement a overhaul, changed the dial, the hands and the bezelinsert. I painted the minute track orange, and put in a new crystal, and a NATO strap. Here the result

Before and after: Citizen Promaster Continue reading