Repair and service: 1st Moscow Watch Factory Sturmanskie (ШТУРМАНСКИЕ) calibre 2608.

IMG_6139Andrei has sent in his Soviet classic in the hope of getting it working again as it should. This model has a lot of history in the Russian air force and a modified model made it all the way into space with Juri Gargarin.

The watch is not running and has received a lot of action in both the hands of the owner and previous watchmakers so I knew this would be a challenge I was accepting.

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Repair and service: Omega Constellation 2852-1SC calibre 501

IMG_3792Ben has had some trouble getting his watch repaired. The first watchmaker inspected the watch and gave Ben a long list of spare parts that where needed for him to service the watch this including a new balance, the intermediate wheel for the auto winder and a forth wheel; certainly an expensive affair considering the price of spare parts for an Omega. Ben managed to source the parts but by that time the watchmaker decided not to take on the watch anyway. The watch then went to another watchmaker who had the watch for 3 months without inspecting the watch. When Ben asked to have an inspection the watchmaker did not like the inquiry and sent the watch back. After securing a slot at Watchguy I was asked to inspect the watch straight away if I could fix it nor not. I could feel that the setting lever spring was broken and see there was a missing case clamp and the hairspring had broken off the stud. Cosmetically I could tell the dial had been restored and the plating on the movement at one point had some kind of chemical reaction. All in all nothing looked to frightening and we decided to service the watch. Continue reading