Repair and service: 1st Moscow Watch Factory Sturmanskie (ШТУРМАНСКИЕ) calibre 2608.

IMG_6139Andrei has sent in his Soviet classic in the hope of getting it working again as it should. This model has a lot of history in the Russian air force and a modified model made it all the way into space with Juri Gargarin.

The watch is not running and has received a lot of action in both the hands of the owner and previous watchmakers so I knew this would be a challenge I was accepting.

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Service: Wolna calibre 2809 / Zenith 135 copy

IMG_1271Mitka and I like to surprise each other with the odd watch here and there, and Mitka had something special in stock for me – a Russian Wolna calibre 2809. Probably one of the finest watches made in the USSR.

It’s a copy of the Zenith 135 movement, but with a couple of differences. A communist watches doesn’t need decorations, so those were left out, but it has the added feature of a central second hand instead of a sub-second hand. I’ll trade that any day! Continue reading

Service: Luch 701 Ladies watch calibre 1801

I bought this lovely ladies’ watch on eBay from a guy in Belarus (vlad7600). Not only did he ship very quickly, but the watch was as described, so full marks for him. I bought it for £3.13 plus £3.13 postage. Not bad for a total of £6.26 ;-).

Currently, my daughter has a quartz watch with a cat on it, and I’d like her to have something a bit nicer.Our own Cirrus made a valiant effort to free her from the chains of her current watch, and sent me a nice looking pin-pallet ladies’ watch, but it was too worn out to be repaired…

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