An unusual request – Omega Chronostop 146.012 / calibre 920

IMG_7516Mark sent me an email with an unusual request a couple of weeks ago…  Mark was having a pint with a friend, who told him the story of a joint birthday celebration for a group of school friends in Las Vegas for their 50th birthday. A friend of his, who had attended the 40th celebration (also in Vegas), unfortunately couldn’t come along this time, as his daughter had been murdered, and he and his wife now had to bring up their little granddaughter, and had to cope with the funeral expenses on top of everything else they had to bear.

We at WatchGuy believe that once in a while, an act of kindness will go a long way, and we would like to support the effort of getting this man to Las Vegas for his 50th birthday. Mark’s friend donated a Chronostop that he had won at auction some time ago, and we have put the watch after inspection on eBay, so that it can be sold to help finance the trip.

The auction listing is at , and it would be great if our readers could help make the auction a success. We will add our bit and pay for the listing and auction fees, so that the full amount will go towards the trip. Happy bidding!

Omega spare parts quality

IMG_6831Now that Omega dosen’t supply spare parts to the independent trade any more, I can at least let you in on a little secret. The quality of some of their spare parts is outrageously bad…

First, the pusher 086ST0079. It’s a push-fit pusher for the Speedmaster Reduced. 50% of those shear at the bottom of the screw thread when you try to unscrew them. Firstly, please don’t supply them assembled, and secondly, don’t screw them together like there is no tomorrow. The screw will break. At £35 a pop, an expensive pleasure. So changing one costs you an average of £70, as one out of two break. Continue reading

Valjoux 7750 terminal date change “feature”

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what engineers were thinking when looking at some watch movement features. One of the worst offenders I can think oIMG_6499f is the otherwise excellent Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement.

Try to change the date with the quick-set function too close to midnight, and you are in for a surprise – a sizeable repair invoice from your watchmaker!

Have a look at this Valjoux 7750. Next to the “14” on the date disc, you can see the brass coloured date change wheel, and the little triangular bit that should advance the date has broken off. You can see the same wheel as the day change wheel on the left and above, with the triangular tip intact.

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Service: Certina DS calibre 25-65

IMG_6044This watch has a special place in my collection. When I was 17 I bought this watch from an antics store and it is the first proper mechanical Swiss watch I owned. I wore this watch until it “suddenly” stopped 4years ago. I delivered it to a local watch store in Oslo just before setting off for the Danish school of Watchmaking, but he never got around to servicing it. I picked the watch up last time I was in Oslo and now it is time to get it running again.

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