Certina Calendar calibre 25-451

Certina 24-451The first mechanical watch I bought was a early DS automatic from the 60’s. So it’s not a secret that I’m a Certina fan. Certinas have many nice in-house movements and are in my opinion under-appreciated, often in the shadow of more expensive brands like Omega.

This watch has a nice original dial, but is in need of some TLC.

IMG_5021The movement looks good, but the rotor axel has broken off and the rotor came with the watch in a bag.IMG_5023The watch is barely running.IMG_5025I start by dismantling the date mechanism.IMG_5027The date construction is very nicely executed and is fairly advanced for its time.IMG_5028Winding mechanism.IMG_5029I remove the auto winder assemblyIMG_5031It is a simple but well made wigwag construction.IMG_5032There is plenty of dirt in this movement IMG_5037Gear-train and balance removed.IMG_5039I am unable to source another mainspring so the old one will go back after cleaning.IMG_5041Almost ready for the cleaning machine. IMG_5179Base movement back together looking great.IMG_5110Fully wound the watch is preforming excellent.IMG_5178The auto winder assembly is back togetherIMG_5546The movement goes back in the case and with a new rotor axel the movement is reunited with its rotor.IMG_5548I have polished and applied new luminous compound on the hands. Song ThrushThis watch looks great



6 thoughts on “Certina Calendar calibre 25-451

  1. After reading all the reviews and comments from satisfied customers how can I do other than ask you to service and repair my early 1970s Certina DS2 automatic/Date time piece.Although it has never been serviced in the 44 years I have had it, it still seems to keep quite good time, gaining circa 17 secs a day, however although the watch has never been dropped/abused, the date change mechanism no longer functions – so can you give e a worst case cost for a service, repairing date change mechanism, cleaning of the watch face, re-application of luminisant paint etc.Would a straight forward service be as shown on your price list ie. £130.
    Regards Alan Hiley.

  2. Great looking piece! Certina is definitely underrated as a brand. Very good and clever constructions in high quality packing.
    As a collector I would ideally had the relume of the hands done in a color closer to the lume on the dial, but that is a matter of personal opinion. The devil is in the details…..

    • I was trying to match the color of the dial, but when the luminous compound is wet it can be hard to tell.. If you where to be interested in the watch I would of course have another go at it;)

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