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Turning down round stock

The set-up is as follows:
Put your round material into your fourth axis chuck, and select which way the protruding end is pointing (+Y is towards the back, +X is to the right, ...).
Choose an end mill that has roughly the same diameter as your round stock, and put it above your material at the protruding end.
Now slowly lower the mill and do a turn until you get a nice round, set Z0, and measure the diameter of your stock. This is your Initial Diameter.
Set X0, Y0 and A0 as well, and the program will start by parting off the end, and then slowly turning down your round stock to the desired final diameter.
You never knew your CNC mill was a lathe!

Direction of round stock
Initial diameter (mm)
Final diameter (mm)
Spindle Speed [rpm]
Horizontal Cutting Speed [mm/min]
Step down (mm)
Length to turn down (mm)