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Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003-65 Calibre 321

the hairspring is badly deformed

the broken winding pinion

the deformed hairspring

parts damaged by excessive corrision

hairspring re-shaped

the screw on the right isn't correct

screw for jumper support missing

very odd waxy deposit on the underside of the wheel bridge

we will need a new reset pusher

the hairspring is back in shape

the supplied winding stem (right) is not from an Omega 321. On the left, a 321 winding stem.

bottom plate complete

the movement is back together

new pushers and crystal

new start/stop pusher

the dial has some dirt and rust around the sub-second dial

nicely cleaned up!

as there is corrosion on the hands, there isn't much of a choice - we have to re-paint

the old paint and luminous compound is stripped off

new white paint on the hands

I'm using slightly toned down luminous compound to make it fit better with what's on the dial

hands painted and luminous compound applied

I have to take the movement apart again, as the mainspring started slipping in the barrel

the barrel edge holding the mainspring is a bit worn and I re-sharpen it

I also sharpen the edge of the new mainspring to make sure it won't slip again

you can see how the mainspring is now held back properly

I modify a screw for the minute recorder jumper, as I can't get hold of an original one. Looks exactly like it should!

one of the case screws is a bit rusty

I slightly polish the screw

I tighten two of the sub-hands, as they are a bit loose

dial and hands are back on

The original Omega pushers need shortening

I turn an adaptor ring to make the different model 0 action pusher fit

the adaptor ring goes over the thread, which is then cut off

the modified pusher - looks exactly like it should

the modified pusher in place, working beautifully

dust cover and new case back gasket in place