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Breguet Type XX Calibre Valjoux 225

The pin of the hour recorder clutch was bent, so the hour recorder couldn't properly engage. After re-shaping the in, the hour recorder engages properly again.

hour recorder not properly engaged as clutch pin is bent

hour recorder properly engaging after repair

the usual numpty punchmarks below the balance ...

The case back has been previously repaired.

the amplitude is a bit weak, and the beat rate is quite wavey ... time for a service

the luminous compound on the hands and the dial is not the same, so probably not original. It's quite brittle, and we risk that it will end up in the movement if we leave it as it is

The pin of the hour recorder clutch lever has been bent previously, which was the cause for the hour recorder not working.

the brake of the hour recorder is a bit loose and needs tightening