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Rolex Oyster Date 6694 6694 Calibre 1210

cap jewel too large for jewel hole

the hour wheel has been destroyed

the roller has been scratched and deformed

somebody attempted to glue the roller to the balance staff with shellac

the case back already has the life polished out of it. One more time, and there won't be anything left to ever open the case again ...

the dial has been refurbished

the new balance has arrived ...

the balance I ordered is wrong. No Breguet overcoil, smaller than the original, and a round stud...

pressing out the old balance staff in the Platax tool

fitting the new balance staff

pressing on the roller. After I pressed it on and I fit the balance, I notice that the roller still sits too far away from the balance, so I turn off a bit of the generic balance staff

pressing on the hairspring collet

the jewel holes and cap jewels are wrong for the movement

the breguet overcoil hairspring is badly deformed

the pallet fork sits too high and touches the roller. I push both upper and lower jewel down in their setting a bit

the ratchet wheel screw isn't original

one of the date ring spring screws isn't original

watch back together; I ordered a new crystal that I will put on tomorrow