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Longines Conquest Power Reserve 9028 2 412 Calibre 294

the real amplitude is lower, as the lift angle is 49 degrees

the upper barrel arbor bush is worn, and somebody has punched its sides to fix the problem ...

punched from below as well

the barrel arbor is pretty rough, and will need some burnishing

burnishing the barrel arbor

burnished barrel arbor

the bridge is prepared to fit a new bush

making the new bush on the lathe

new bush ready to fit

cutting off the right amount of solder to solder the bush to the bridge

soldering the bush to the bridge

bush soldered to the bridge

re-bushing the barrel bridge

the fourth wheel is slightly bent, which I reshape

beat error adjusted

cleaning the old varnish off the dial

I can't remove all the old varnish, as that will make the dial print disappear

adapting a pendant tube for the case

new pendant tube fitted

I mix yellow luminous compound with a bit of "aged look" compound

as the movement was banking during testing, I have to take it apart again to check the mainspring

I will remove a bit of the mainspring bridle

the bottom plate has to be taken apart as well, as the mainspring arbor has a pinion at the bottom that has to come off ...

I will now test for a day to see if the movement still banks