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Rolex Milgauss (green) 116400 Calibre 3131

lots of abrasion

that's a lot of dirt on the pallets

riveting in the new rotor post

the case isn't waterproof - you can see bubbles coming out around the crystal gasket

and here is the reason - somebody shoved a rectangular piece of plastic between the crystal gasket and the case

and voila - the case is now waterproof. What a surprise ;-)

the scratch on the crystal

under the microscope, a rectangular piece of plastic is visible. It's got some brass splinters on it, and definitely doesn't come from any part of this watch. Looks very much like it's been put there where it certainly doesn't belong ...

LON 3/18 177789 XX The xx at the end means that the customer didn't go ahead with the repair/service - correct