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Universal Geneve Tri Compax Calibre 281

the hour hammer spring is broken

the wheel in the middle is from an ETA, and was put in here to make the crown wheel ride up ....

this washer that was on top of the ratchet wheel doesn't belong here ...

winding pinion and sliding pinion worn

winding stem bush in plate worn

the calibre 285 hammer spring is a mirror image of the 281 hammer spring ...

drilling out the pin

making a new pin in the lathe

new pin

fitting the new pin

fits nicely now!

making a small sink for the screw

now the screw sits flush, and the month disc can turn freely

the month corrector has to go in further

the minute recorder hand is a bit too loose, even though someone tried to squeeze its tube before

tightening the minute recorder hand tube

the screw that was fitted for the hour recorder clutch

this is what the hour recorder clutch screw should look like!

extra washer on ratchet wheel that doesn't belong here

worn winding pinion and sliding pinion