Cirrus / Richard Parkin 1975 – 2015

One of our oldest clients, and probably the most prolific contributor to this blog, died last month from a heart attack at his home. We shared lots of emails and Google+ exchanges about anything technical, and of course all sorts of watch related topics.

His sharp and inquisitive mind will be sadly missed by us, and I am sure also by our readers.

Rest in peace, Richard.

14 thoughts on “Cirrus / Richard Parkin 1975 – 2015

  1. Just seen these lovely comments – my brother would have been scathing about them, but really, deeply touched!

    Thank you everybody x
    Gill (Richard’s sister.)

  2. Totally overlooked this topic till now, little time for me on the blog but he is one of my preferred posters. He impressed me as a very nice person, and is so sad to know this, que Dios te bendiga Richard.


  3. too sad, I don’t remember a single post without his clever intervention. God bless him in heaven and be with his family.

  4. Such tragic news. And so young too. I very much enjoyed reading posts from his Cirrus avatar. My heart goes out to his family.

  5. With a heart attack there probably has been no time for his family and friends to say goodbye. Strength and courage to them. I hope the good memories remain for them.

  6. I remember reading lots of Richard’s comments and he always had something interesting to say. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Remind those close to you how much you love them!

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