4 thoughts on “Email update

  1. Hi Mr.Christian,
    how are you?
    I am contacting you again to ask do you have parts for Pierce cal.134? I have few Pierce chronographs cal.134 and all have a same problem,original part nr.8070-maybe you have 2 parts for sale? Watch is working OK but chrono don’t 🙁 because of missing part nr.8070.
    If you don’t have that part can you help me and say me who have it for sale ( at ebay only )
    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Vladimir (kimikimitis)

  2. Hi Mr.Christian,
    How R U?Can I ask You one question with respect?
    I need a case for chronograph Landeron 51 ( diameter of movement is 32.50mm ) and do you have it for sale?
    Thank You for answer,I hope positive for You and me!

    King Regards,
    Vladimir ( kimikimitis-hayvann4924 on Ebay )

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