Eterna Matic Golfer calibre 1424

Eterna Matic Golfer The Eterna golfer makes perfect sense as golf might well be one of the worst activity for a wristwatch, as the sock of hitting the ball will give your movement a real jolt when worn on your wrist.

We usually don’t do pocket watches, but this is an exception, as it has a wristwatch movement and is in amazing original condition! It has probably never had a service and spent most of its time hidden away.

IMG_0399A really cool feature is the crystal on the case back revealing the movement.IMG_0399As you can see the movement is in amazing condition, performance is good, but all the jewels are dry so a service is in order.IMG_0400I start by removing the auto winder.IMG_0401The movement out of the case, the hands have a tiny amount of pitting, but that is pretty much the only thing I can point out.IMG_0402Removing the hands requires extra courage on such a pristine dial.IMG_0403The dial side as expected and just as nice as the rest of the watch. Usually the date bride is full of scratches from people getting the quick set into place.IMG_0404Underneath the bridge you can see the setting mechanism.IMG_0405Here you can see the setting mechanism and the quick set lever.IMG_0407I now only have the base movement remaining.I remove the balance and pallet bridge.IMG_0412After cleaning I test that the balance is moving freely.IMG_0413As the mainspring looks good I put it back in the barrel.IMG_0418Putting the watch back together is pain free.IMG_0417Performance is good.IMG_0419Hands back on the dial looking great.IMG_0420Movement is back in case.IMG_0423I like the ball bearing logo in the crystal.IMG_0421Makes me want to go golfing 😉IMG_0424Super cool pocket watch looking great in it’s original box!

28 thoughts on “Eterna Matic Golfer calibre 1424

  1. I inherited one in stainless steel from my father-in-law. Just had it serviced for a princely amount but it was well worth it. A unique item which is quite scarce and it has an interesting history. Love the display back which is not so accessible with wristwatches.

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  3. I needed a bit of help. I was thinking of making a watch of my own and it is going to use the seagull st3600 movement with sub second at 9. Now the only problem is that the dial I like does not show seconds(which I do not want also). Since the dial does not have any indication for the seconds what will I do of the seconds pivot (I guess that is what its called?) that will stick out of the movement and prevent me from putting the dial?

    • Why not? The first automatic watch, in the XVIII Century, needed only a 15 min. walk to charge. Certainly the Citizen Leopard, the Tissot Visodate and the Eterna Golfer can do even better; and the Eterna at least has 48 h reserve.

  4. How well does the autowind mechanism work in keeping the movement powered whilst sitting in your pocket?

    Doesn’t quite get the regular pendulum movement of a watch and the end of your arm, so just wondering …

  5. Very nice indeed. Surprised you managed to part with that one Mitka. Very nice gift. What age would you place this at?

    I was meaning to ask, if you don’t mind but why no pocket watches for service?

    Best wishes to you Christian

    • In general, pocket watches, especially old ones, are incredibly time intensive to get into even decent condition. You would have to re-bush most of the bushes, balances and hairsprings are a problem, balance staffs and jewels are worn, and you can never spend enough money on them to get them where they should be.
      We don’t really want to return watches that “just about move”, so we decided not to do pocket watches at all.
      On top of that, our cleaning machine isn’t really made for pocket watch parts, which are too heavy.

      • I suppose you already have enough to do with just the wrist watches also!

        I have a strong liking for pocket watches…particularly older ones!

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