Fastest watch repair ever: Sea-Gull ST5

This lovely Sea-Gull ST5 in very good condition landed on my bench today – flown in from Finland.

I had just unpacked it and was looking forward to take apart this little gem, when an EMail arrived from Finland.

Janne, the owner, casually mentions that he operates an 8 ton magnet at work. Could it be magnetized?

I quickly open it up, and the hairspring sticks in that peculiar fashion. On to the demagnetizer, and the problem is fixed. The movement looks very clean, and it does well on the timegrapher.

Back to Finland free of charge – and I would have liked to take it apart so much!


4 thoughts on “Fastest watch repair ever: Sea-Gull ST5

  1. I broke my parents’ sea-gull using a magnet when I was 7 yrs old…
    I was really sad since it was a wedding present for them.
    It has been 20 years now, would you think it is still fixable?

    • It probably is. 20 years lying around won’t do much damage if there isn’t too much humidity. Contact me by email (see the “About” page) and we can take it from there.

      Best regards,


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  3. Now that was FAST!
    I did not even have time to finish my second reply to mail when it was already done…
    A quartz watch for work use has been purchased 😉

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