Ginger and white male cat found in Woodchester / Stroud area

photo (2)Not what I normally post here, but I think it might be a good idea to put this information somewhere where it can be found!

Since around 19/2/2013, this cat came to our house, and just wouldn’t move. We didn’t give it any food or drink for a day, as we wanted to encourage it to go back to its owner, but no luck with that. The cat was firmly planted in front of our door, and begging for food. After a day, we gave in, as the cat also looked quite thin (the fur is deceiving).

We have taken it to the vet to check if it’s chipped, but it’s not, so no luck there.

If you have lost a cat anywhere in the Amberly – South Woodchester – North Woodchester – King’s Stanley – Leonard Stanley – Selsley – Stroud area, please contact me (see “Contact” on the top menu).

8 thoughts on “Ginger and white male cat found in Woodchester / Stroud area

  1. We chased a stray out of our house for two years before we realised it didn’t have a home – trapped it, and took it to the vets where the microchip let us reach out to the owner – who had lost it six years earlier. He now lives with us and is very happy, although it took a while to get over it’s original name of ‘You Don’t Live Here!’. Wonder if you’ll wind up adopting yours?

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