GMT / BST change: 1867 Gillett + Bland turret clock

Last night, we had the change from GMT to BST, and as I am looking after our local church clock, I had to go up the clock tower and forward the clock by an hour.

Easily done on your wrist watch… 

Firstly, I stop the pendulum

Then I pull the chime lever down to stop the quarter chimes

The hour strike is also stopped

I open the friction clutch on the centre arbor. This separates the movement from the centre arbor, so I can turn it to adjust the time

As the outside hands move clockwise, the hand on the setting dial moves counter-clockwise. I move the hand with the setting key until the hour chimes and the strike have set off. That's why I stopped the strikes - I don't want to confuse the whole village

As the strike sets off, I have to make sure that the air brake doesn't hit my hand as I have to keep the hand supported with the setting key

Now that I have forwarded the clock by an hour, I put the setting dial on two minutes before the next hour

Now I close the friction clutch with a small hammer

I go down the ladder and restart the clock by pulling the pendulum towards me and then letting it go

Now I wait until the clock strikes the full hour. As I had set it to 2 minutes before the next hour, that’s how long I will have to wait. First, the quarter strike goes off, and as soon as the first hour strike strikes, I stop the pendulum again.

As the clock doesn’t have a second hand, this is the only way to make sure I have the clock exactly at the full hour.

All I have to do now is wait with an exact time source in my hands (I use my android phone, on which I have an ntp client), and start the pendulum again at exactly the full hour.

Voila – our church clock is now on BST.

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