Hello everyone

Iโ€™m proud to announce that Christian has agreed to take me on as his new apprentice.

Thats me and my car:)

I am a Norwegian that has moved to the UK to learn about how to service and repair the worldโ€™s finest mechanics. Iโ€™ve had a growing interested in mechanical watches ever since I bought my first proper automatic watch (Certina DS with a turtleback case and the great cal.25-65)

School Projects

I have completed the ground course at the Danish watchmaker school, but in England I will focus on a BHI distance-learning course, and once that is under the belt I hope to further my qualifications and training with a WOSTEP course.

close up of exam project.

Iโ€™m looking forward posting about my projects and let you and Christian be the judge of my progress.

Mitka Engebretsen

mail: mitka@watchguy.co.uk

26 thoughts on “Hello everyone

  1. welcome Mitka! wow such a PIECE of MASTER you got! I hope you enjoy the experience as much as possible! the best of lucks

  2. Hi Mitka

    A warm hello and a big congratulations on both having Christian as your mentor and having the ability to take up something of this nature.

    I wish you both well on your new venture.


  3. Congratulations Mitka. Wish you every success. I hope Christian is a patient Master in the good side of the ‘force’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Congratulation Mitka

    What is the WOSTEP course?

    I love mechanical watches and I have a keen interest in watchmacking.
    Basically I destroy them wanting to learn new skills and after I send them to Christian for repair…..

    All the best


    • WOSTEP is the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program. It is supported by all the Big Boys of watchmaking and I think was initially based exclusively in Switzerland, but the British School of Watchmaking in, I think, Manchester is now a partner organisation.

      There is a blog by one of its UK students which I read which is fascinating in its description of some of the techniques and tools used;


  5. Congratulations Mitka – this seems a very positive step for you and Christian; I am pleased there is enough interest in mechanical watches still to justify an expansion in Christian’s business and for you to follow such a career. I can’t wait to read of your exploits ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You do know, though, that apprentices traditionally have to sleep in the shop and wake at dawn to clean the grates and start the fires..?


  6. best of luck in your new post with christian more blogs to read.great.yes very cool look with the car.make sure he pays you well.he he

  7. Hi Mitka,

    Welcome to the workshop, and thank you for introducing yourself to my readers.

    Looking forward to have you here starting 1/4/2014, and I’m sure we’ll see some posts about your various adventures on this blog soon!


    P.S.: Nice car! Can’t wait to have a look at that 6 cylinder air-cooled boxer engine!

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