How To: Safely open and close Inca shocksprings

I’m a bit tired of it – every 10th watch or so, the shocksprings fly off when you open them. This shouldn’t happen, but it does. So I’ve come up with a way of opening them that is safe.

I start off by putting a tiny bit of Rodico across the hinge side of the shockspring – as shown in this photo.

Now I open the two arms of the shockspring with an oiler that I have cut off and rounded at the tip so it doesn’t scratch.

Now I fold open the shockspring against the resistance of the Rodico. This pushes the hinge of the spring into its seat, and prevents it from flying off.

Now I remove the jewels.

The last step is to fold back the shockspring, engage the arms again, and remove the Rodico. We’re home safe, and I don’t have a shockspring stuck on the tip of my nose 😉

4 thoughts on “How To: Safely open and close Inca shocksprings

  1. Hi christian, I know this is an old post, but I felt compelled to leave a little note.
    I own a small but very busy watch repairs and sales business in Chesterfield(The Watchbox), I am an experienced watch repairer aged 47 with over 30 years at the bench. I have also had my fair share of shock spring anomalies. I dread to think how many hours have been spent moving every item on my bench, checking my hair or socks(you know the drill). To make things worse, it seems every time this happens and exactly as I’m on my knees checking the floor. My wife pops her head round the door to see if I would like a drink or a snack(she must think I work on the floor).
    It begs the question “why spend 2 grand on a Bergeon bench yet work on the floor?”

    So from one horologist to another “thank you”. This tip is invaluable to me, I almost feel silly for not thinking of it myself, but hey I love learning new things.

    Kind regards, best wishes and health for the future,
    Charles Johnson.

    • Hi Charles,

      Thank you for your post! We call it “worshipping the God of watchmaking” when Mitka or I assume prayer position on the floor 😉 On some days, he is an angry God and needs multiple prayers to placate him.

      Please let me know if you ever are in Gloucestershire and pop in for a cup of tea.

      Best regards,


  2. great tip just used it this afternoon,cleaning a 2788 eta in a rado of a friend.will use this for sure when servicing a rolex with k i f clips man they are fine cant handle them when they fly,or find them ever again.great blog christian almost an adict,many thanks seasons greetings to you and your family.mike

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