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  1. Since I have learned to service and repair watches by attending countless watchmaking seminars held by various watchmakers in Germany and Switzerland and the German Society of Chronometry at the German School of Watchmaking in Glashuette, Germany, and since I own my little workshop, I can really understand that some watchmakers refuse to service vintage watches. No one can really pay for all the effort you sometimes need just for searching for a rare cannon pinion.
    To service my vintage watches I sometimes need more time sitting in front of my laptop computer searching the www, than I actually need to service the entire watch! So I can really understand that some watchmakers do not service vintage watches anymore.

  2. Good Evening,

    Are you taking work on again? I have two Seiko Bellmatics (4006 6040) one works one doesnt. They could both do with a service and any repairs required.



  3. You guys are indeed a rare specimen and … “I dare say I value my watchmaker more than any of my highly regarded watch dealers.”

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