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  1. Hello
    I am a watchmaker and looking for one part for Vacheron Constantin 1311 can you help me Robert

  2. Hello Christian,
    do you have any idea where to get detailed technical information/technical guide on the Seiko cal. 9S56? (their first GMT-calibre).
    There are technical guides available on almost all Seiko calibres, including the 8R48 chronograph, but obviousely Seiko takes good care that no one is leaking any detailed technical information about their later Grand Seiko calibres to the public.
    (Even though the 9S56 is more than 20 years old)
    Greetings from Hanover,

  3. Hi Christian,
    Good morning,
    I sent my omega Dynamic watch over 3 weeks ago, I keep looking at the watches on line that you’re repairing, mine isn’t there, could you give me an idea of when you’re starting the work on mine please.
    Roz Clarke

  4. Hello Folks,
    I’m the proud owner of 2 HMT Pilots. Does anyone know the hand sizes for them? I could only find sizes for their Citizen 0201 counterpart which are 150/90/25.

  5. Perhaps a compromise – a few more comments under the photos during the servicing?
    For example: Lemania Fleet Air Arm Single Push Chronograph Calibre 2210, service 03.02.2021, appears to have a balance cock equipped for flat and overcoil hairsprings!

  6. While this is true, I personally liked the blog posts about individual watches a lot. I sometimes go back to these posts when I acquire a similar watch and especially like the comments in between the repair detail. Maybe still write a blog entry about an interesting repair from time to time?

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