New repair and service database

Just to make things easier for my customers, I’ve programmed a little database using perl and postgresql to store all the data about the work I do.

You have already seen parts of that with the new booking system, and I have now extended functionality to allow customers to check on the progress of their watch. Simply to go, and enter your email address. You will see all watches that are with me or have been with me in the past (since the introduction of this system last week). All watches currently in my workshop are on the database.

Once your watch has been shipped, this will also give you a direct link to parcel tracking.

This way, you can also check if I have received a watch you have sent, and you can check on your queue position (you will get the number of watches in front of yours in the queue), and to check on the progress of the work. In the next couple of days, I will add a link so that you can access all the photos I have taken of your watch!

8 thoughts on “New repair and service database

  1. Funky new toy! Are you planning to leave all the data in there? I think I might be about to get lazier when it comes to tracking service dates….

  2. Nice idea. I am searching for something like that a while now. Just for my own records, to keep track on repairs, and see what I have done and what repairs I made.

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