New Workshop

My shepherd’s hut got a bit too small, and I decided to rent a bigger workshop in the village.
I have done all the moving over the weekend, and all is ready for a new start on Monday!




Lots of space, North facing windows, and strip lighting.

21 thoughts on “New Workshop

  1. Happy New Year…and Happy New Workshop
    Looks like an operating theater. The battery powered clock aside I was guessing the DAB would be Radio4 Extra?

    Best wishes for 2014

  2. That looks like an excellent workshop! Nice size and layout and modern snug and clean. Congratulations on the move!

  3. Yes, indeed loking great and I love the sign as well (as Torsten mentioned). I wish you all best for 2014 and the future!


  4. Christian,
    Congrats to the new home of thewatchguy. Another reason to send you more watches this year.

    BTW, love the “Staatsgrenze” Schild.

    Cheers, Torsten

    • My father got that in 1989 – he went straight to Berlin the day the wall came down, as he wanted to see what was going on, and he brought back this little “souvenir”.

  5. Looks excellent Christian, I’m very jealous! Don’t suppose you need an assistant yet 😉

    Hope you had a good Christmas, and best wishes for the new year!

  6. Looks great Christian. Can I ask what is the benefit of north facing windows?

    Hailing from the far south (Tasmania, Australia), north facing windows are prized because they let in plenty of natural light and winter warmth. However, South facing windows would have the corresponding advantages in Europe.

    Does bright natural light create too much glare and eye fatique or does it create shadows in which to lose small parts?

  7. workshop looks great you have invested in good equipment.all the best for the new year here is to many more great blogs.i am sure im not alone in missing them at holiday times.keep up the great work .

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