Nomos / ETA 7001

This Nomos movement from a Nomos Ludwig didn’t work anymore.

After taking it apart, I found a fair amount of dirt on one of the pallets.

After cleaning, oiling and reassembling the movement, everything works fine now.

The Nomos movement is an ETA 7001 that has been “nicefied” by Nomos. Still only worth  around £ 90 😉 Nothing wrong with the movement – Nomos just charges way too much for what you get. Nice watches with the ETA 7001 are around £ 500, and that’s what a Nomos should cost.

As of 2005, they are now making their own movements. I haven’t gotten hold of one yet – it would be very interesting to take it apart and to compare it with the ETA 7001.

Here is the movement in a movement holder with the wheel bridge removed.

Then the barrel bridge is removed.

Top plate with balance cock removed. If you look very carefully, you can see dirt on the left pallet jewel - this is the reason the watch wasn't working.

After all the parts have been cleaned, the movement is put back together, oiling as we go.

Taken from the bottom plate - you can see the escapement wheel and the pallets in action.

On to the timegrapher – let’s see how it performs:

Position Accuracy s/day Amplitude Beat Error
FU -1 312 0.2
FD 2 319 0.2
CR 1 289 0.2
CU -9 289 0.4
CD 3 287 0
CL -12 282 0.3

Pretty much what you would expect from a decent movement. Properly regulated, you should get a live performance on your wrist of +/- 8s/day or so.

5 thoughts on “Nomos / ETA 7001

  1. I love the ETA 7001, don’t really know why but I do. I have been trying to find a watch with this movement that isn’t too overpriced. I have settled on the Edox Les Bemonts 72014 AIR which costs about $800 USD. But if I could find one for cheaper that’d be great! Do you have any suggestions for a cheaper watch? I’d be ok with used or vintage. Thank you

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