Original mainsprings

P1020104We try to fit a new mainspring in every movement we service, unless we can’t find anything that fits.

Often, customers request to have an original mainspring fitted, and we do of course comply if we can find one. Otherwise, we fit Générale Ressorts Swiss mainsprings, which cost half to 1/4 of the price of an original. Now have a look what comes out of an original Omega mainspring packet (click on the photo above to enlarge)  😉

11 thoughts on “Original mainsprings

  1. Hi Christian, since you’re an expert.
    Which mainspring will fit best in a Lemania Cal 3600? And where can i find those?

  2. What is the price comparison for buying the GR mainspring directly from somewhere like Cousins, and the price of buying thing the same in an Omega blister pack from the same outlet?

    • Sadly even Cousins don’t know that. I’ve tried their own brand omega marked crystals and they are nowhere near as good as the real thing. If Omega don’t change their mind pretty quickly though I suspect we’ll see better quality clone parts on the market soon.

      • Yes, those fake Omega crystals are terrible. I would use a standard Sternkreuz tension ring crystal. Just the same quality without the little logo…

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