Prototype: Omega Speedmaster Reduced Quartz / ETA 205.111 with Dubois Depraz chronograph module

On first sight, this looks like a normal Omega Speedmaster Reduced. The only give-away is the second hands that ticks twice per second – very odd for a mechanical movement!

The case back doesn’t give much away, only that it’s unmarked, so something is different here …

This is of course very unusual – an Omega without any inner case back markings!

And here is the surprise – an ETA 205.111 on top of the usual Dubois Depraz chronograph module. Rotor and movement completely unmarked.

A felt-tip pen marking on the rotor bridge.

The ETA 205.111. It’s nice and clean with a good power consumption, so I will just change the capacitor and call it a day.

If anyone has information about this watch, please let me know. Looks very much like a prototype that never made it into production …

9 thoughts on “Prototype: Omega Speedmaster Reduced Quartz / ETA 205.111 with Dubois Depraz chronograph module

  1. A Speedmaster with a simple quartz chrono movement would be considered as a fake. Here it is a DD-module attached to an Quartz ETA movement, combined with a rotor driven accumulator, making this a little bit beyond the work of a tinkerer/forger. Thank you for showing.

      • Hi Christian,
        I think thats what the OP meant actually, that this looks too OEM to be a fake, plus the dial and case look 100% Omega to me, the watch is fantastic actually and I wish Omega had sold it, maybe it would have been a Speedmaster Omegamatic?
        Anyway do you think the owner would consider parting with it?

  2. Hi. I have a question about the Omega 1538 quartz movement.
    The circuit and coil do not work, so I think I need to replace it.
    There are two versions of the 1538 model that you have mentioned in the manual. If I send you a picture in your email, can you tell if it is a compatible coil?

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