Reassembly: Hamilton Myron calibre 980

The parts have arrived from the States (a new mainspring and a new crystal), so it’s time to put Dom’s grandfathers watch back together!

The cleaned parts are awaiting…

I was quite lucky to find an original mainspring on eBay, and an original crystal on top!

And the movement goes back together. Somebody scribbled on the barrel at one point.

Here I’m oiling the lower balance jewel cap.

With the new mainspring in, and everything squeaky clean and freshly oiled, I have an amplitude of 335 degrees straight away.

This is just a little gem of a movement.

The new crystal.

Dial and hands on.

So stylish and elegant. Beautiful inside and out!

2 thoughts on “Reassembly: Hamilton Myron calibre 980

  1. How do you properly wind the Hamilton Myron? Do you wind it clockwise or counterclockwise?
    How do you know when it is wound up “enough”? Any tips to avoid damaging it from winding/over winding?

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