Repair and service: Helvetia calibre 82A

Helvetia DH calibre 82AI have another Helvetia in need of a little attention as it is not running and the crystal is a little cracked.img_0502At first glance the movement looks good.img_0503The dial and luminous compound looks very good for being 70+ years old!img_0507Here you can see the gear train layout. There is some dirt, but not to bad. img_0509Here you can see the old mainspring in the barrel before cleaning.img_0508I’m just about to remove the setting mechanism.img_1168I have a couple of issues with the balance. The first is a broken balance staff and the second is a chipped impulse pin.img_1169Here I’m removing the old balance staff using the Platax tool. This tool is in my opinion the safest way to remove a staff.img_1171I’m happy there are still balance staffs around for this movement. Here you can see me riveting the new balance staff onto the balance wheel.img_1170I had first thought to turn the old impulse pin around as it is only damaged on the one side, but I lost it in the process! I’m very lucky and find the correct sized impulse pin in my collection of spare parts. img_0619I test that the balance swings freely with the new balance staff.img_0885The modern mainspring is to strong and I end up having to use the original blued steel mainspring.img_1173The movement comes together without any issues.img_1172Watch is performing very well with the old mainspring and new balance staff:)img_1174The setting mechanism back in place and the movement is ready for the dial and hands.img_1199I put the movement back in the case. Note the cool Helvetia shock protection system. They even have gone to the trouble of securing the shock spring with a screw and sloping regulator that matches the form of the balance cock.img_1201I now put the case ring in that holds down the movement in place.img_1202The original crystal had a little to much patina and the watch looks much better with a new one;)img_1243I have added this photo for the military enthusiasts.img_1203Watch being used for the first time in a very long time and it’s looking good!

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  1. Great write-up and it’s looking really good now! I like your openness and honesty too, when you explain about losing and replacing the damaged old impulse pin. Top man.

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