Repair + Service: Tissot Seastar calibre 2571

There aren’t many emergency watch repairs – but today, it’s one of them.

Gerald got this watch from his wife 35 years ago for their wedding anniversary. He has planned a trip for Wednesday to France in his Bentley, and, of course, he wants to wear the watch that means quite a lot to him – even though he hasn’t worn it in ages.

When trying to set it (it’s Monday, and they are leaving on Wednesday morning), he crown and winding shaft come out, and he can’t get them back in….

So he turns up on my doorstep, and I have a 36 hour deadline. Not to worry, I’m sure I can fix this without parts, and give the watch a service whilst we’re at it.

Nice movement, the 2571.

There is quite a lot of dirt around the stem and crown.

Out comes the movement, and I remove the hands and dial.

I remove the day and date wheel.

Now I can see why you can’t push the winding stem back in – the clutch lever has slid over the castle pinion.

Good to know that I can fix this without needing any parts.

As it wouldn’t make much sense just to fix the winding stem, I take apart the whole movement to give it a service. All the jewels are dry, and it’s been a long time.

Having taken all the components off, I take out the balance jewels and mount the balance assembly without the jewels on the plate for cleaning.

As this is an emergency repair, I won’t change the mainspring (which looks pretty good anyway).

Time for reassembly.

I slightly wind the mainspring and drop the balance in, which starts swinging immediately.

With the mainspring barely wound, this is very good, and I won’t have a problem leaving the old mainspring in.

Time to put the bottom plate back together.

The pawl spring for the date wheel has to go into its plate.

The dial and hands go back on.

And I can mount the auto-winder gears and rotor.

Here we are – it’s been 5 hours since Gerald dropped the watch off, and I’m done. I’ll leave it on the bench until tomorrow to make sure everything is working, and then it’s off to France for a hopefully happy wedding anniversary! Congratulations, June & Gerald.


14 thoughts on “Repair + Service: Tissot Seastar calibre 2571

  1. How many jewels are there ?? Ranf list speak by 2571 about 21 or 24., on movement I do not can find a jewels number

    thank Peter

  2. Approximate price to re-fix one of the numeral digits which has come loose but is still .floating around the watch face. The details of the watch are as follows =. Tissot Automatic Seastar

  3. hello i have 2 tissot seastar watches 1gold plated and the other stainless steel both are missing there winding stems and crowns could you please let me know if you could put these right an also a rough estimate of how much this would cost both are 2751 models kind regards anthony

  4. I have a seestar 2571 calibre I cleaned in lighter fuel it runs well but runs slow no matter were I put the regulator, it will not keep time. I have put a new wheel into it as well Help.

  5. i have a seastar that needs repair when the winder is turned it moves the hands without pulling it out ,the watch is ticking but the fingers are loose also

  6. Hi.
    I have a Tissot Seastar Val- 7734 and it will not wind, every time I try to wind my watch the crown just springs/spins back making it impossible to wind. I would like to know why ? what’s happened to my watch?

    • That sounds like it just isnt running and so you have reached the limit of how much you can wind it. Don’t try and force it, and get it to someone who can advise you as to if it just needs servicing or of something has actually broken!

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