Repair: Movado Kingmatic Subsea calibre 395

Michael sent me this great Movado Kingmatic, as the winding is a bit rough, and the auto-winder makes a lot of noise. It’s running well apart from that. The crystal is not so good, and he wants that changed as well.

Nicely decorated case back.

With the rotor removed, you can see some dirt in the auto winder assembly. Also, somebody has used some green gunk to seal in the case back.

Same gunk on the case back.

I put all the auto winder parts through the watch cleaner, and then put it back together with the right lubrication.

All back in place. The manual winding, which has to operate the auto winding gears as well, sounds a bit like operating a pepper grinder, as there is a click (you can see that between the two jewels on the auto winder bridge through the big round hole) that is operated when doing so.

Old and new gasket.

A beautiful watch, with a beautiful movement.

7 thoughts on “Repair: Movado Kingmatic Subsea calibre 395

  1. Christian,

    I recently purchased a Movado Kingmatic with a 395 movement, which according to someone that looked at it, requires parts and a cleaning. Might you have parts to repair such a watch with this movement?

    Many thanks!

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  3. Wow! Thrilled with both watches, Christian. Many thanks, once again. The Movado is particularly fine looking at the moment – found a lovely NOS Movado strap for it and it’s looking very classy, indeed.

    • Yes, i thought it was copper related corrosion, but C. tells me it was some type of sealant. Wait until I send him the watch I bought off eBay, a ‘project’ watch, I thought, only to discover that the movement’s been glued in with epoxy…. so maybe a longer term project, then, eh, Christian?

    • Hi there,
      I have a Movado Kingmatic MS360 SubSea, silver color, metal strap with a dark blue innerplate without chronos.
      Wondering how much is it worth today?

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