Repair: Omega Automatic calibre 684

Andrew sent his mother’s Omega over for repair. One of the hands appears to be slipping, and I will have a look.

First, I take the bracelet off, so I can open the back.

The case and bracelet will need a good clean as well. This is the calibre 684 automatic movement.

There is quite a bit of service history here.

When pushed with a piece of pegwood, both the minute and second hand appear a bit loose.

I slightly tighten the minute hand on the staking set.

And the hands are pressed back on.

In order to press the second hand on, you have to take off the auto-winder assembly to support the second arbor from the back.

The bracelet gets a proper clean as well and goes back on.

With the cleaning and the taking off of the auto-winder, this took a bit longer than I expected… Never mind, it’s all in place now, and the hands appear to be stable even when I shake the watch.


2 thoughts on “Repair: Omega Automatic calibre 684

  1. Thank you very much for repairing my Omega,Looking at the photo’s of each stage of repair is great.It’s now looks so good and i am now apply to wear it
    Thank You V Gilbert

  2. As I’ve said in my email Christian, I’m so impressed with how you do your work and the blog is a bonus. Now I can see what goes into the workings and the attention needed to maintain/repair these timepieces. Look forward to receiving it and handing it back to its grateful owner.

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