Repair: Omega Constellation 168.010 calibre 564

Like London buses, these Constellations…This one also belongs to Kes (like the last Constellation I did), and it needs a service and the 2 o’clock hour marker reattaching.

There it is, rattling around on the dial. Luckily, it hasn’t done much damage to the dial …

The watch back has no gasket, so there is a bit of dirt that got into the movement.

I put the marker back in place and glue it in from the back, using shellac dissolved in methylated spirit. Always got a jar of that handy on my bench.

The bottom plate assembly looks quite tidy.

Even the clutch wheel and crown wheel have no water damage – normally, this is the weak point of vintage Omegas – water ingress through the winding stem.

Everything on the top plate looking good, too.

As usual, I take the balance jewels out and put the balance assembly back in for cleaning.

The barrel wall gets some braking grease before the new mainspring goes in.

I start off with the top plate.

After I put the balance in, I adjust the beat error and beat rate.

Then I reassemble the bottom plate.

I case the movement and put the rotor in.

No marks where the marker was glued back in, as I applied the shellac from the back.

Is that beautiful or beautiful?


3 thoughts on “Repair: Omega Constellation 168.010 calibre 564

  1. I recently purchased a calibre 564 and immediately headed to your site to see how it goes together. Your service reports are great, I’ve learned quite a bit from them.

    Now I have to leek and see if you’ve had at a 30T2 or T4! Interesting stuff!


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