Repair: Resto – ST96 – new winding stem

This is my wife’s uncle’s watch that he gave me at the last family gathering… He broke off the winding stem and would like it fixed. No old stem, no crown.

No time to moan, though…

The movement turns out to be an St96 – nice Swiss movement, but nothing to write home about. The ring that holds the movement in the case is certainly even less to write home about.

After I have taken the hands and the dial off, I can work my way to the broken off winding stem.

And here is the little beggar – nicely broken off. And I know just the place to get a new one – John’s obsolete watch and clock parts site! £ 3.95 and postage later, I got a new winding stem.

Winding stems come pretty long, so you can fit it for any case the movement might be in. Tony from Newcastle helped me out with an old HMT Janata crown, and it fits after a bit of modification to the pendant tube.

I cut and file the winding stem to size. I leave the crown to stick out 1/10 of a mm, just in case Uncle Jeff happens to have the original crown, which I would prefer to fit.

The watch back even has some kind of model number – 6074.

The crown is a bit on the large side for the case, but it doesn’t look too bad. Considering the price of the repair, I’d say it looks excellent!


4 thoughts on “Repair: Resto – ST96 – new winding stem

  1. I have 2 ST 96(Henri Sandoz) watches to be restored.The problem with the movement is balance jewel.There is no incabloc and no provision for it.Only a jewel and that too cannot be secured.Any easy method for replacing the balance jewel with a new one with incabloc.The jewel should be set secured with a lock.Anybody knowing the easy way to fix it ,may please suggest me.

  2. I’ve got an almost identical watch – marked 6074 on the back but Roman numerals not Arabic numerals. Good working order. Don’t know where it came from nor its age. Have you any idea how old they might be?

  3. Since you sent me the Janata stem and crown for free when I broke the HMT Pilot stem, it was the least I could do to send you the HMT Pilot crown when you needed it.

    Glad it fitted. It looks very smart. Uncle will be pleased.

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