Repair + Service: Junghans 82/1

IMG_0874Another day, another Junghans… This one is from Torsten’s collection, and I just love the dial and hands! The dial isn’t where it should be, and the crown is pulled out, the lugs are bent, and the case needs replating. Apart from that, it’s in good condition πŸ˜‰IMG_0875

Great dial and hands!IMG_0876

The bottom plate is in good shape.IMG_0877

Now that could do with some improving…IMG_0878

I like the central second jewel in the middle of the plate. A small spring presses the central second arbor against the jewel.IMG_0881

The wheel train.IMG_0887

Off into the cleaning machine.IMG_0891

The lug is badly bent, and some of the gold plating has come off.IMG_1754

Whilst the case is at, I put the movement back together.IMG_1758

The timegrapher image looks a lot better now.IMG_1759 IMG_1761Β The case looks fantastic – has waved their magic wand again, and I’m very happy with the work. The lugs are all straight again as well.

8 thoughts on “Repair + Service: Junghans 82/1

  1. I saw this one in Christian’s workshop and thought it looked really lovely. I’m sure it’s cost a good deal more than 35 Euros to get it back to this condition, but it’s been well worth it.

  2. A true Classic!
    Lovely movement, and nice to see something that might be written of as a lost case come back to life in such a nice way!
    The movement adjustment seems a bit special? Any info on this??

      • I think you are correct. Will get spare arts and come back to you.hints and come back to you. Looking at the stamps on the movement this one was produced in 1957.

    • First of all a big THANK YOU to Christian for bringing another watch back to life. I have been collecting Junghans watches for a while and came across this one on Ebay. Sold by a US seller I was able to buy this for a very reasonable Euro 35. The movement is an inhouse Junghans J82/1. These were produced between 1951-1960. Given the serial number this would be an early example. Amongst all the inhouse movements from Junghans this is at the upper end of the quality scale. (Like the J83, J84 and J85 families). The movement in its early version as seen here had a swan neck-like fine adjustment as most of these watches were sold with Chronometer certification.

      In the fifties and sixties Junghans produced the third largest number of Chronometer certified watches after Rolex and Omega in Europe.

      Chronometer quality watches without certification would later be sold under the Junghans Meister series to stay competitive as the certification process was costly.

      This watch caught my eye because of the dial. The Junghans logo on this watch historically was used on Junghans pocket watches but not on wrist watches. I am not sure if the dial is a repaint but from a style perspective, logo, hands and movement all fit into the time period.

      A lovely piece with a great solid movement. If Junghans was ever to produce there own mechanical movements this one would be a great one to revive.

      • There does look to me to be some suggestions that the dial was repainted; there is paint on some of the applied markers and a thicker blob of it between the 4 and 5 marker – also the blobs of luminous compound look irregular. I get the gut feeling, though, that this repaint would have been quite some time ago!

        Even with that it looks like a bargain to me πŸ˜‰

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